Monday, August 1, 2016

Get a free audiobook of Bodbod's Ghosts by Angelina Dunbar

Bodbod's Ghosts

- A great book for kids who are afraid of the dark or afraid to be alone in their rooms.

His uncle's enormous two-story house looked old and haunted. Bodbod kept telling himself it was only for a short visit. That is, until his parents decided to spend the night. And that's when his worse fears became reality.

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About Angelina Dunbar

Angelina Dunbar grew-up on a little island in the Philippines and lived with her parents, six siblings, and her lola (grandmother). Her lola entertained them with stories of Filipino mythology, ancient creatures, and mystical worlds which charged her affinity for fantasy, mystery, and an appreciation for life. She left the island to join the U.S. Air Force, fought in wars, and traveled the world. All throughout her service, she dreamed of writing a book to share the stories that her lola told her. When she finally settled down in Florida, she wrote several books: "Tina and the Giant: The Borrower’s Cave" and the Hugz and His Friend Bugz preschool books. Angelina recently published "Bodbod's Ghost's" and is currently giving the audiobook FREE to anyone who completes this form:

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