Friday, August 12, 2016

Laugh-A-Lot Limericks & Really Ridiculous Rhymes Vol. 1 by Rob Cole

Exercise Your Chuckle Muscles With This Laughter Laugh-A-Thon 

Good, better best, 
May we never rest. 
Until our good is better, 
And our better's best! 

Have a good laugh, with your other half. 
Or read this out loud as a kid. 
Let's chuckle together, whatever the weather. 
You'll be really glad that you did! 

We'll share some good times with ridiculous rhymes. 
To read them again & again. 
Enjoy the fun verse & learn to converse, 
As we start all over again. 

When you've finished & done with volume one, 
Don't worry we've got more for you! 
There's a lot more in store as I know that for sure, 
You'll want to continue with volume two! 

You'll Find Out Why...
  • You can't eat soup with a fork.
  • A monster loves his teddy bear.
  • This bear shivered
  • Olly owl didn't like the rain.
  • Jimmy the fish was sent home from school.
  • This red bee had a headache.
  • Sir Laugh-A-Lot didn't need to fight.
  • How flo lit up the forest
  • How Neil invented the wheel.
  • And so much more!

About Rob Cole

I'm Rob Cole a 58 year old grandpa living in England. I've always loved limericks and silly rhymes, like Edward Lear & Dr Seuss. I've put together two books for my grandchildren. They are funny, silly rhyming books that make my grandchlldren laugh.

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