Saturday, April 12, 2014

'Dingo Facts (Easy Learning for Kids)' by Sara Woods FREE 4/11-4/13


Newly Released ‘Dingo Facts’ eBook.

A fact filled, fun educational book. Large full color images.

The second book in the Amazing Australian Animals Series® a series of 18 factual educational books being released this year.


THIRD Book in a series of 18 Books on Amazing Australian Native Animals by Brisbane Author, Sara Woods. Dingo Facts - Easy Learning For Kids.

This book utilises colorful images and easy to read language to teach children about Amazing Australian Animals. The book is as much an educational book as a picture book for the younger children and will also serve as an educational reference book for the older child who can read the book themselves. Contains a Quick Facts Summary feature for reference purposes.

Exciting!! Full color photos and graphics. Informative. Educational. Factual. Fun. What a great way for kids and adults to learn about these Amazing Australian Animals. A very well researched and informative book that can be read to younger children by a parent, sibling or official carer while the child looks at the amazing full color photos throughout the book while learning at the same time. The older child will use this book as a learning resource and also as a reference for school projects and assignments etc. Read it and discover some amazing facts yourself. In summary a fun, easy to read pictorial and factual children’s learning book.

This is the third book in a must have series for children of all ages of 18 books to be released this year.

Great for educational centres, schools, teachers and child minding centres and learning at home.

Highly recommended.

BIO for Sara Woods:

I am a family person and live and work part time (besides writing) in the Gold Coast Region of Queensland, Australia.

This is my first formal venture into the writing arena and I hope to gain an insight into the world of authors prior to releasing some self help and motivational books at a later date.

I have created the Amazing Australian Animals Series ®, which will comprise a total of 18 books in the series. I will be releasing two and sometimes three books per month this year until the series is completed.
The series is intended to be fun for both adults and children, while educating the young children at the same time about Australia and its amazing native animals.
My books are designed so they can be read by an adult (or a teacher, carer etc) to a younger child who can look at the many colorful photos and illustrations and havev fun and learn at the same time OR read by an older (but still young) school age child. Each book will be able to be used as a reference for school projects, research assignments etc by older children.
The first book in the Series is called “Kangaroo Facts - Easy Learning for Kids” and all books will have similar titles and a similar cover design for ease of identification.

I have also written non fiction work in other categories and for adults which will be released towards the end of 2014.

If you would like any further information or wish to contact me please contact me at

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