Wednesday, April 30, 2014

'Adventures of Jack: The Agent With a Bone to Pick' by D.R. Tara


This book comprises three short stories on the adventures of Jack, a 15 month old Jack Russell puppy who lives in Aberdeen, Scotland, with his Mummy and Daddy. After finding him on the road and adopting him, his parents give him a life that most dogs could only imagine, riding with Mummy on her scooter and playing cricket with Daddy.

In Story 1, Jack spies on Mummy as she shops in a mall. In doing so, he foils the efforts of a robber who tried to steal Mummy’s purse. His efforts result in an invitation to join the police force as a special agent.

In Story 2, Jack goes undercover to solve a case of looting in the neighbourhood.

In story 3 Jack finds a great friend in Scoobie, and the two friends spend quality time playing together. 

Amazon Reader comments on "Adventures of Jack: The Agent With a Bone to Pick":

"Adventures of Jack: The Agent with a Bone to Pick are fun kids picture adventure books. Author D. R. Tara brings to life the adventures of Jack, a Jack Russell, in these three hilarious tales.

My kids love kids illustrated books and since we started reading on the kindle they want kids picture adventure books for kindle. We look in the kids books by ages 5-8 and childrens books by ages 9-12 but have a hard time finding something to hold their interest. When we found this book my kids were so excited. They love animals and to have kids ebooks dogs included made it so much fun for them."

"The kids loved following Jack's adventures, and the photos that told the stories. This series of stories is fun, well written and quirky-it's easy to fall in love with Jack!

I would recommend this picture book to any kid who loves animals and adventure. It was a as fun for me as it was for the kids! We had never read this author before, but we will again-and often! Thanks for a great book!"

"Who can resist a kids picture adventure book with an undercover agent dog for a hero? Nobody, I say! Bestselling author D.R. Tara is back with Adventures of Jack: The Agent with a Bone to Pick. In this three-story picture book, we follow a 15-month old Jack Russell puppy, aptly named Jack, to his escapades as an undercover agent of a famous (but unnamed) spy agency. Jack bravely foils thieves and robbers, human or otherwise, and saves the day. And just like any other undercover agent, Jack has his downtime, but then he meets Scoobie and they become fast friends, and all is well again in Jack’s doggie world.

The pictures of Jack, mum, dad, agent cat, and other canine cast of characters are adorable. Children of all ages will be delighted to have this book read to them any time of the day. The book is fun to read and will make you want to have a crime fighting Jack Russel of your own."

"I have to say that D.R. Tara has created another adorable kids eBooks by all ages when it comes to "Adventures of Jack: The Agent With a Bone to Pick". The collection of childrens ebooks dog detectives stories is lively, cute, vividly engaging and short but sweet. Overall, this was another of the kids illustrated books that I got for my daughter that I would definitely recommend to other parents out there looking for cute and well-written stories for their kids to read."

"The writing of this book is so easy to follow and is a great kid’s illustrated book. This author is a great writer of kid’s eBooks by all ages. She’s the best."

"This is a kids picture adventure book for Kindle about a dog agent. My son loved the idea of a dog detective. Great book for kids between the ages of 5-8 as well as 9-12."

"This is a great kids illustrated picture adventure book for kindle. This book would make a great purchase for kids ages 5-8 and ages 9-12."

"A grade A kids illustrated books that is sure to be well received by kids who love dogs and dog detectives."

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