Tuesday, July 7, 2015

#FREE read! 'The DANGER! Kids' by Carlos R. Malbrew


They'll never be bored again. Join Kevin and Mike as they team with Army, Smooth, and Sal to form the most exciting club in kid history... The DANGER! Kids! When Kev's mom gets kidnapped they leap into action. Can Kevin's leadership, Mike's patience, Army's skill, Sal's toughness, and Smooth's raps turn them into heroes? Or will the start of The DANGER! Kids also be their end!

Read an excerpt:
Chapter 7: “Threats come true?”

Sal’s mom continued to scream from the upstairs window. 
“Fire is hot and our drama don’t stop,” Smooth rapped. 
“Really Smooth? At a time like this?” Army scolded. 
“Army do something.” Sal pleaded: “There has got to be a way to save her. The flames are closing in fast. And the house could collapse at any second.”

Army took his grabbling rope and threw it into the window. Its hook caught onto something and Army began climbing the wall… 
Meanwhile Sal grabbed the water hose and sprayed the door.

“Smooth, here,” she said passing him the hose. “Give me a chance to get in there.” 
“Got you,” Smooth said.

He blasted the flames with the hose and Sal leaped into action running right into the house. 
She saw the stairs. They didn’t look like they could hold her weight, but she had to save her mom. If she didn’t - the threat would come true!

... Army almost reached the second floor climbed when a flame leaped out at him! In his haste, Army slipped off the rope, and fell right into the bushes below him.

Meanwhile Sal ran up the stairs thinking: “I’m going to make it!”

But she relaxed too much, for when she had almost reached the top, the stairs collapsed! She leaped in the air and somehow caught the edge of the floor. Her legs dangled above the flames as she pulled herself up. Sal crawled on the floor to her mom’s bedroom where she found her unconscious. Sal grabbed her mother.

“Mom!” Sal screamed as her adrenaline kicked in. Sal grabbed her mom’s arms and pulled her to the window. She knew that they had to make a jump for it, but what would she use to support the fall? She remembered the bushes outside her mother’s window. 
“Out of the way!” Sal shrieked at Army and Smooth. She clasped both arms around her mom’s stomach, closed her eyes, and jumped out of the window. Sal landed on the bushes on her back with her mom safely on top of her. Sal’s mom coughed as her daughter got up from the bushes. Sal took a long look at her mother.

“She’s ok,” Sal said aloud to herself.

“You’re bleeding,” Smooth said to Sal. 
“Yeah and now it’s Pierre turn. He crossed the line. I’m going get him.” Sal said, letting her anger take over.

“I hear the sirens,” Smooth told them. “Let’s wait for the fire department and the…

“You can wait,” Sal said as she walked towards her neighbor’s yard.

“Army,” she called. “Can you start this motorcycle?” 
Army pulled out a screwdriver.

“Step aside,” he said.

Sal backed up. In a few moments she heard the bike’s engine roar. 
“Do you know how to ride?” Smooth asked. 
Sal ignored him, hopped on the bike and took off. 
“Now YOU’RE welcome,” Army commented.

“Sal’s got a temper/ heart colder than December,” Smooth rapped.

But Army was serious with his reply: “I thought the adventure was almost over. But now…now all I see is… danger!

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