Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review of 'Jellybean Tiaras' by Sharon Penn


Little princesses will adore the delicious products of this how-to book, which features 24 jewelry-making projects. Easy instructions and dozens of illustrations show how to transform pretzels, gumdrops, and other candies into radical rings and wonderful wands, princess pins and heavenly headbands, knockout necklaces and excellent earrings, and beautiful bracelets and glamorous glasses.

**My thoughts**

This is the kind of book that I would have eaten up as an elementary-aged girl. Candy necklaces were a rare treat and I was always creating with my arts and crafts supplies. Putting the two together would have been an ultimate combination of fun.

Sharon's instructions are broken down step-by-step with plenty of photographs to help illustrate her directions. Some of the steps will require adult assistance, but most of the projects can be done independently. Most of the materials are edible; however, on occasion you will need to use string, foam, and other inedible items in the creation process. I would recommend that children be six and older when undertaking these projects, and to fully understand what can and cannot be ingested.

The finished projects are worthy of Pinterest and the young models are absolutely adorable as they show off their bling. Remind crafters that it is okay for their project to not turn out as perfectly as the ones in this book. (Just like we have to remind our grown-up selves the same as we find new projects on Pinterest.) The important part is having fun while making these!

I will admit that the thought of putting candy in a child's hair or on her face makes me a bit squeamish, as I think of the potential for a sticky mess and extra germs. Be sure to set some ground rules about the consumption of the jewelry. Also, find a safe way to store it, so that little critters aren't attracted to a sweet snack when the jewelry isn't being worn.

I can see this as being a great way to bond with your kids during a special mother-daughter day, or some great entertainment during a sleepover or playdate.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, which was originally published on Examiner.

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