Monday, March 3, 2014

'Hero Dog Stories 2: 18 True Dog Stories' by Jennifer Ogden


Looking for a great dog story? How would you like 18 great dog stories!

Jennifer Ogden's 2nd book of heroic dog stories is filled with 18 remarkable true stories of ordinary dogs that performed extraordinary, heroic acts.

* Find out what a German shepherd named Shelby does when her family's house fills with carbon monoxide

* Discover what Blue, an Australian blue heeler, does when his elderly owner falls at night in an area filled with alligators

* Learn what happens when a man crashes his car in a remote part of Australian and the only one who knows he is there is his English sheepdog named Boydy.

* Find out what a great dane named Juliana does to stop a bomb from exploding during the London blitz when a bomb falls into her home.

* Discover what happens when a sweet border collie mix named Vicious does when a cougar walks into her home and leaps on her owner.

These are just a few of the great dog stories in the book Hero Dog Stories 2: 18 True Stories of Amazing Dogs. There are many more!

The book is appropriate for ages 7 and up. Although written in a simple style as a children's book, adults will enjoy the stories as well. The book contains 132 pages.

Like a good dog story? This book of 18 dog stories is perfect for you!


Visit Jennifer Ogden's Amazon author page to learn more about her and to check out her other books!

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