Monday, September 9, 2013

'Kid's Guide to Guinea Pigs by a Kid' by Jennifer Gantz

Jennifer Gantz has been taking care of guinea pigs for almost six years and at the age of 11 has become a published author sharing her experiences and joy in having these lovable guineas as pets. Now you can enjoy the benefits of these tips and apply her advice for the proper caring and love for your guinea pigs.

Read an excerpt:
Right away I’m sure you will experience a nibble from your guinea. When you haven’t experienced this, you may be surprised and drop or almost drop your guinea pig. Be careful, they will nibble on your hand. No one in my family has been bitten by any of my guinea pigs, but they will nibble at your fingers if they want you to leave them alone.Also, it is good to let them smell your hand first before you try picking them up. Talk to them every time you approach them so that they can get used to your voice. This helps relax them when you come around them."

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Although now living in Texas, I lived the first nine years of my life in Anaheim and Cypress, California. It was there that I had my first pet, Socky, a female rabbit and soon after, Buster, a male rabbit. Well, these two didn't last too long and at the age of almost six, I got my first guinea pig, Sparky. I love guinea pigs, and especially mine, and even though I showered him with love, he still needed a companion, so I talked my dad into getting Nellie, a female. She and Sparky had seven little ones over a period of two years!

After going through a long learning experience, I asked my dad if he thought it would be a good idea if I wrote a book about my experiences with my guinea pigs. He had been encouraging me to get a hobby or skill, so he was happy to hear about my interest in writing.

He was writing an ebook for Kindle and took me along with him to an ebook writing workshop and that was the beginning of my first book, Kid's Guide to Guinea Pigs.

At the workshop I met so many wonderful authors, around 300 of them, and they all had interesting subjects they were writing about and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the event, even though I was the youngest one there!

I am already working on my next book and hope to finish it this year. My blog is at

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