Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review of 'Figuring Out Fossils' by Sally M. Walker






Fossils give us a window to the past. Water, sediments, and pressure work together over time to preserve the shape of things that lived long ago. Studying these ancient plants and animals tells us more about our own existence. Have you ever searched for fossils? Unearth some in this book.

 **My thoughts**

The book is divided into short chapters, each of which answers a particular question about fossils. Real photographs help to illustrate the explanations that are given. Only a few sentences are on each page, which allows for a clean and simple read.

Terms are clearly defined within the book, leaving little room for confusion. There is also a glossary in the back. I felt like a lot of information was given in the book, and done so in a way that will be easy for young readers to understand. I definitely prefer the real photographs, so that children can better understand what fossils look like in real life. Young paleontologists will be inspired to start their own fossil hunts!

What I love about this series is that there are recommended books and websites at the back of the book, to give direction to those kids who are sure to want to learn even more. I would recommend this book for kindergarten/first grade and up.

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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