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Review of Megan's Munchkins (Megan's World 1) by Pamela Foland

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Megan's Munchkins

Not everything hidden in the closet is scary, even if it’s furry and has sharp claws! 

Every teenager’s dream come true and every parent’s worst nightmare, Megan’s Munchkins is a short and sweet tale about a middle-school girl finding, quite by accident, the pet she had always wanted. Plus three more! 

It’s almost Spring break and adventurous thirteen-year-old Megan Thompson finds four tiny day-old kittens in the park and makes a decision on the spot that will turn her life upside-down. What does a young girl do who has been told by her parents over and over again that she may not have a pet? In Megan’s mind, there is no question. She must save these motherless newborns, even if it means keeping them a secret from her mom and dad. 

The next five weeks are an exhausting blur of vet visits, endless cycles of feeding schedules, household chores, homework and sneaking around, but Megan has never been happier in her whole life. The kittens grow quickly and begin to venture out into the world beyond the closet. Megan knows it is only a matter of time before she must tell her parents about her secret. Fate steps in and her secret is discovered. What will happen to her precious babies now?

**My thoughts**

Reading this book kind of transported me back to my childhood. I was just a little bit younger than Megan when my father discovered four abandoned kittens on the woodpile at our store/house. They were older, though, and had been weaned by their mother, who did still come around on occasion to check in on them. We did eventually adopt all four of them, but they also had to live outside due to my father's allergies. 

I don't know what would have happened had they been as young as one day. I have a hard time believing a young girl would have the wherewithal to figure out how to take care of such small kittens. But Megan also does a lot of research and is resourceful to get the help that she needs. I may have been able to pull that off at that age, because I did always love to do my research.

You see a lot of growth in Megan as she strives to take care of her young munchkins. She is eager to take care of these vulnerable kittens in her care, as well as prove that she is responsible. I admit that it is questionable about how responsible she is as she lies to her parents for several weeks. But she does have some consequences for her behavior and has to make amends. The resolution is what my parents would have done for me, and likely what I would have done for my own kids.

I did learn a lot by reading this book. I think kids would also learn a lot about being caregivers for young animals by reading this book. I also think that this story would serve as a great foundation for discussions on not only animal care, but making the right decisions and owning up to your mistakes.

About Pamela Foland

Pamela Foland grew up in Plano, Texas. Her love of animals started at a very young age. As a child, she was constantly bringing home stray dogs, and injured birds. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Business in 2005. As an adult, her love of animals has only grown stronger. Pamela has worked in numerous pet hotels as a dog trainer and is certified to teach pet first aid and CPR. All her experience with pets culminated four years ago when Pamela found and raised an abandoned litter of day-old kittens. Not able to part with any of these now-grown babies, Pamela enjoys going home to her "little munchkins" every night. This experience gave Pamela the inspiration for her series debut, Megan's Munchkins. Pamela will always have a special affinity with Megan because of their shared experiences. She truly believes there are few experiences in life more compelling than saving the life of another being.

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