Tuesday, June 17, 2014

'The Complete Book of Football' by Chris Hunt

The Complete Book of Football

“The Complete Book of Football” is a Chris Hunt book dedicated, as its name suggests, to the football game.

It is part of a series of works wrote by the author about this sport.

All the series’ books: The Complete Book of Football – 2003, The Complete Book of Soccer – 2006, World Cup Stories – The History of the World Cup -2006, World Cup Stories: The History of the FIFA World Cup – 2006, World Cup of Soccer – 2010, The Compact Book of the World Cup – 2010, offer a comprehensive view on the history of this sport.

Due to his occupation, magazine editor and journalist, the writer traveled all around the world to see football competitions and write article about them.

As managing editor for 8 years at the best sold English football magazine - Match, he gathered a huge quantity of valuable information that latter presented in his books. His journalist experience is not limited to football; he was also a constant editorialist for FourFourTo and publisher of special editions under the brands Q, Mojo, Uncut and NME, covering a large variety of topics from U2, The Beatles, Kurt Cobain, to fashion or punk-rock.

Published for the first time in 2003 and for other two editions in 2006 and 2011, “The Complete Book of Football”, was translated in five foreign languages: Czech, German, Hungarian, Romaine and Russian.

The book is a real encyclopedia offering valuable and encompassing information regarding the most popular sport in the world.

Reading the book you can find about the evolution of this sport in different countries starting with the football clubs evolutions to each national team performance in the Football World Cup. Visit Visit Epyxa for your desire and learn attractive details about this year’s World Cup 2014.

Step by step we learn more about famous football players, legendary coaches or historical matches.

Page after page we see the football evolution at global, living the emotions of every world cup final tournament, finding about European Championship and major international clubs’ competitions.

When we finish the book, maybe we will do not know all about football, but certainly we will know much more before the lecture.

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