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'The Adventures of Kim and Kate' by Al Marshall

Book Description

Publication Date: May 10, 2013Kim and her little sister Kate are the popular city girls in their metropolitan hometown. Their parents move them out of the city, and into suburbs where they only have themselves. The new challenge of moving into a new environment turns difficult when they encounter the Biker Mamas who are the bad girl, up to no good, neighborhood bullies. Things start to heat up when the Biker girls start zoning in on Kim and Kate. They try to crash their party, set them up, and cheat them in sports. Kim and Kate decide to befriend a group of nice girls called the Goodie-Two-Shoe Crew a.k.a. the Baby Dolls whom together defend themselves, and the good children of their school! Are you a good child? If so they need your help, come join them in support of their real life heroics. The adventures of Kim and Kate. 

***CHILDREN'S CHAPTER BOOK WITH PICTURES*** entertaining, enlightening, exciting

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The Adventures of Kim and Kate
Chapter 1: School Yard Bullies
Kim and Kate, two little girls from the city got moved to the suburbia. One was strong with a rock star voice, and the other had a sense of fashion finer than a Rolls-Royce. Of course, with every new town are new situations, and this is a plethora of a few that they are facing. They’re learning that sometimes life hands you a bunch of lemons, but just make enough lemonade to make your problems go swimming.
So the two little girls are new to their school. The neighborhood and children, yes it's all new. Now summers coming to an end, and in comes the fall. They met a few girlfriends who called themselves the Goodie-Two-Shoe crew a.k.a. the Baby Dolls. But one thing their new friends told them to look out for was two other little girls that can make trouble like four. But it’s not just them they also have friends galore. They call themselves the Biker Mamas and they are very hardcore! They didn’t see them all summer but now it’s the 1st day of school, and this is the first meeting of the Biker Mamas and newest members of the Goodie Two-Shoe crew.

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Excerpt #1 C. 3.

…And so it began the 1st day of a long rivalry, four little girls out to change society. Two for the better that’s Kim and Kate, and two biker mamas who wants everything to break. But why so much anger? Is it their household? Why so much violence can it be controlled? No better way to change hearts than giving love. Special love like the one that come from up above.
So as the school year proceeded, the girls tried friendship and repeated it. Invites to the zoo, and invites to the mall, but the Bikers Mamas wouldn’t change at all. So they didn’t get an invite to Kim and Kate’s first annual bouncing baby ball.

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For life writing has been my passion and love.
Al Marshall
Pasadena, CA
A.A. Language Arts -Citrus College
Loving Father and Husband

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