Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review of 'Sophie Hartley, On Strike!'

Book Blurb from Amazon:

Sophie is supposed to help out around the house, and that’s bad enough. But then her mother comes up with a job chart, and all of a sudden Sophie has a whole list of new chores to do. Some of them, like cleaning the downstairs toilet, are gross! “Menial,” says big brother Thad, who somehow manages to avoid doing any of his own new jobs. “No fair!” says Sophie.

Sophie’s father went on strike when his beliefs were on the line. Now Sophie sees no alternative but to stand up for what she believes in.

The ensuing battle of wills threatens to defeat even the indomitable Sophie. Will the Hartleys have to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for every meal from now on? Will they ever have happy family times together again?

**My thoughts**

I think I love Sophie Hartley! She is pouty and sassy, reminding me a lot of good ole Ramona Quimby. She is right smack in the middle of five kids, with both younger and older brothers and sisters. At the age of 9, life is just unfair a lot of the time. Things get worse when Mom has had enough and wants them to follow a job chart. Sophie and her older sister Nora seem to have even more work than her older brother Thad, who only gets to do the jobs he likes. Little brother John is too small for much else. And Maura is just a baby.

She gets the bright idea to go on strike, and fully has her sister's support in the beginning. The whole situation quickly spirals out of control, though. I can't imagine letting the battle of wills go to the same extreme that the Hartleys take it! I do admire how stubborn the parents are about the kids learning their lesson, and how strong-willed the kids are in fighting for kid justice. 

This is a fun chapter book read for kids in elementary school. The main character may be a girl, but even boys are going to relate to the kids' plight. I need to check out some more of Sophie's adventures!

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