Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reflecting on Chapter Books from A to Z

This blog was new in time for the A to Z Challenge this year. I was looking for a great way to kick start it, and the challenge sure did that for me. It pushed me to think back to my younger years and find some quality books to share with kids.

Chapter books have been on my mind more lately, as some of my kindergartners are actually ready to read at that level this year. When we go up to the school library, they automatically go straight to the chapter book shelf. Unfortunately, we haven't had the largest selection there as of late. I have started scouring used book sales and my own collection, to see if I can find ones to add. The whole process made me reflect on ones that my friends and I enjoyed when we were kids. Some of those were featured on this blog for the challenge.

I don't know that I will be able to take this one on again next year. Books are a tough topic to cover for an entire alphabet! I have 10 1/2 months to see if I can come up with anything, though. We shall see.

Until then, here are the posts that I did for this year's challenge. Happy reading!

A is for Anastasia Krupnik
B is for Babysitters' Club
C is for Charlie Bucket
D is for Dollhouse Murders
E is for Eddie and Betsy
F is for Fudge
G is for Green Meadow
H is for Hardy Boys
I is for Island of the Blue Dolphins
J is for Judy Blume
K is for Katherine Paterson
L is for Little House on the Prairie
M is for Magic Tree House
N is for Nancy Drew
O is for O'Dell
P is for Piggle-Wiggle
Q is for Quest
R is for Ramona
S is for Sweet Valley
T is for Trixie Belden
U is for Unfortunate Events
V is for Verne
W is for Wrinkle in Time
X is for the X-Factor
Y is for Young Adult
Z is for Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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