Monday, March 12, 2012

Bubba Goes National

Bubba Goes National is the first in the Green Meadow series by author Jennifer Walker. This book introduces us to 13 year-old Leslie. She lost her mother at a young age and works at the Green Meadow Stables to earn money for her riding lessons. She also longs for the day when she can own her very own horse. Her lessons mean the world to her and her trainer, Helen, is like her second mother.

Leslie is given the opportunity of a lifetime when she is asked to show one of the horses without having to pay a penny. Her best friend Holly is extremely excited for her. But her bratty nemesis, Kate, does anything she can to just be nasty toward her and to sabotage her. She does well on her first attempt. Soon after the show, she finds her own horse at an auction - a small Arabian whom she names Lucky, but her father insists on calling Bubba. She also meets a special young man named Alex.

Lucky brings Leslie more than just horse happiness. His arrival leads to special new friendships and relationships in her life, as those she loves help her along her journey. His special name from Leslie ends up being a true one, many times over.

My favorite part of this book is that warm feeling in my belly as I relive my childhood. I loved reading horse books in elementary school. A typical girl, I loved horses, even though I didn't have a lot of experience with them. I can totally picture myself back in the book corner of the elementary room with my nose buried in this book. I also feel like I am subtly learning a lot about horses and horse care. Information about grooming and different horse breeds is seamlessly woven throughout the book to educate while entertaining.

Leslie is a breath of fresh air in current chapter books. She exudes a good moral character, without being preachy. She is very down-to-earth, kind and caring. Her character is well-written. While you are reading the book, you find yourself meshing with her and can easily get lost in the story. This is the kind of book I would want to share with my elementary-aged children. And obviously it is even enjoyable for older kids and the young-at-heart.

I purchased my own copy of Bubba Goes National through Smashwords, though you can also find it for Kindle or in paperback form.


  1. Great review! We put it up on the TTM facebook page. Hope folks will come read it! Thanks for the great review. I love the Green Meadow series!

    Love and stuff,

  2. Jennifer Walkeris an awesome writer and just makes you want to read more! I am passing both of my Bubba books on to my grand daughters to read. I know they will enjoy them and they are the kind of books we want them to enjoy!

  3. What a great review! Bubba Goes National sounds like a fantastic story for kids and anyone who loves horses. I can't wait to read it, thank you!

  4. Thank you all for reading and commenting, and big thanks to Andi for the reviews!