Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review of 'The Zombie Kid Diaries Vol. 1: Playing Dead'

I have never been a big fan of zombies and have been somewhat skeptical of these "diaries" series that have been coming out in full force lately. But Zombie Kid Diaries: Playing Dead had me laughing out loud on the very first page. I don't know how many younger readers will understand the concept of the dog Rickrolling as "Never Gonna Give You Up" plays as the ringtone from the phone he swallowed, but it sent me rolling.

Our devoted diary writer, Bill, lives with his mom and is attending middle school. His father is in jail, after a botched arson attempt trying to secure some money after losing his job. Mom's new job is volunteering for medical research for money. His goal in middle school is to be invisible and barely skate by, so that he can stay out of AP classes and fulfill his dream of being a professional gamer.

Middle school is a pain, of course, and his mom is acting funny. She is shuffling instead of walking, her face is droopy, and she is highly uncoordinated. He is starting to notice weird smells at school, like chocolate syrup. He can eat worms, which now taste like candy, and prefers the taste of moldy cereal to regular cereal. His farts cause people to pass out. Yup, he's a zombie.

His new tastes are going to turn a human's stomach, as diced earthworms and roadkill are not a delicacy in my household. You'll find yourself squealing with disgust and snickering as he learns to make his way through his new role in life.

I received an eARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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