Monday, July 2, 2012

Review of Kylie Jean, Dancing Queen

All Kylie Jean cares about is being a ballerina. She dances her way through life and finds any excuse to create potential ballet costumes out of items found on her family's farm. When her cousin tells her that there are open auditions for an upcoming performance of Swan Lake, Kylie Jean is ecstatic to play the part of Odette. She has to settle for being a swan maiden, though, and roots for her cousin who landed her coveted part. When a crisis hits the production, can Kylie Jean save the day?

This book for elementary-aged girls is adorable. Kylie Jean has a great positive attitude about life and always looks for the bright side. Her love for ballet is familiar to any little girl who has dreamed of being the Swan Queen or other fairy tale part.

Following the story, Marci Bales Peschke has included some discussion questions for the reader to either ponder on her own or to discuss with her friends and family. She also includes a glossary of ballet terms and a recipe for a Ballerina Slipper Cake. Use the books ID number at for more fun activities and to find more books similar to this one.

I received a complimentary set of galleys in exchange for my honest review.

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