Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review of Animal Ark: Kitten in the Cold

Kitten in the Cold is the 13th book in Ben M. Baglio's Animal Ark series. In this book, Christmas is approaching the little English village of Welford. This year, they are planning a special holiday event with Father Christmas to raise money to send five year-old Alex Hastings to a hospital in America for a life-saving operation. Mandy is excited, because two real reindeer are coming to stay with them at Animal Ark. She is also excited to meet her new friend Alex, and Alex's brand new kitten, Amber.

Just before Christmas, minor crises begin to pop up. Rudolph gets a virus and can't visit the sick children. Amber disappears in the cold and James is caught in a snowstorm in a different town with Dasher and his owner Don McNab (Father Christmas). Alex is even sicker with worry for her precious kitten. The whole town bands together, yet again, for Alex. Will Christmas be saved?

This book is very sweet and appropriate for elementary-aged children. It teaches them how to care for animals and how to do what's right to care for your fellow man. The kids never try to perform any heroics. And it is blissfully free from vampires, werewolves, zombies and other paranormal or fantastical creatures. Those can make for some fun stories, but kid lit has been inundated with them, lately! It also helps to keep the magic of Christmas alive, which is especially nice for those younger ones who still truly believe.

Kitten in the Cold has enough drama in it to keep the pages turning, without being scary. I will admit to even having a pit in my stomach during some parts of it. And while this series features a girl as the main character, boys and girls alike can enjoy this book and the rest of the Animal Ark series.

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