Friday, March 23, 2012

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Okay, so I am slow in catching up with the world of elementary literature at times. Sorry! But, I finally managed to procure a copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid from one of my darling 8 year-olds. I know it has been a popular series for a while and the movie was a big deal for kids. And I can now see what it would appeal to her and so many others.

Greg Heffley has just entered middle school. And under no circumstances are you to call this book a diary. It is a journal. Diaries are for sissies. But journals are for famous people. And he is going to be famous some day.

But for now he is another one of those undersized weaklings, roaming the middle school hallways with those brutes who have matured a lot faster than the rest of them. He shares his escapades with his fellow geeks friends as they try to dodge bullies, play illicit video games, get stuck participating in the middle school play, and try their hands at being crossing guards for the kindergartners and comic strip authors.

The teacher in me cringed while reading of their antics. But that perma-kid inside of me snorted out loud at a couple of their shenanigans. I knew people who got away with this naughty kind of stuff, but never had the guts to do it myself. And this is why it is so appealing to kids in elementary school and even middle school.

The book is pretty easy to read, even for kids who are somewhat struggling. Print is like handwriting and is on lines like a notebook. Interspersed throughout are numerous drawings, that are supposed to be by Greg himself. And anything that inspires a kid to read definitely is worth some points in my book!

This book is in the first of a series of at least five. Now for me to see if I can convince the girl to let me borrow some more....

I am also including a link to purchase the DVD. But under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to watch it until you have read the book! It's the law!

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